Established in March 2008, Lets Get Funked provides the students of Huddersfield with some of the best nights out in town. Starting at The Venue Storthes Hall (which back then was called dbar). Our themed events became legendary, especially the Freshers UV party which ran for 10 amazing years!

After two very successful years of running monthly events at Storthes Hall we decided to take our night into town and give the students somewhere to go out on a Tuesday! Our first year was at Tokyo in 2009 then at Vampire in 2010.

It wasn’t until 2011 that we found our permanent and long lasting home at Revolution Huddersfield. Every Tuesday we provide a fun and exciting night out in a premium venue with the best drinks offers, music and entertainment!

After the huge success of Revs Tuesdays it was time to expand the business further and in 2012 we launched our new sister brand House Party at Camel Club every Wednesday. With cheap drinks, free beer pong and great house music, House Party has grown from strength to strength and now has a dedicated following from the students of Huddersfield!

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See you on the dance floor! x